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FlipScribe holder for small samples
FlipScribe holder for small samples
FlipScribe holder for small samples

FlipScribe holder for small samples

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The Small Sample Holder for the FlipScribe® is a compact, adjustable holder for samples 5-25 mm with a thickness of 200 to 800 microns and parallel edges. The clear plastic holder grips the edge of the sample, minimizing contact with the features on top of the wafer piece. The size is adjusted by sliding the grips on the guide pins. The Small Sample Holder can be used when cleaving with the Small Sample Pliers, simply flip the holder over after scribing and align the line on the flat side of the pliers with the scribe and cleave. Watch a video demonstrating the use of the Small Sample Holder: Using the Small Sample Holder for FlipScribe

This holder is included in the Wafer Holder Kit.

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