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FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
FlipScribe 100
SKU #:MC-FS-100

FlipScribe 100

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The patented FlipScribe® scribes without any touch to the top of the sample.  It integrates a robust diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design (see the drawing below). Time required to align and scribe is about 1 minute. It allows users to accurately position the scribe mark relative to features on the front side, visualized either by eye or with a user-supplied high magnification microscope. FlipScribe® also offers a quick method for cleanly downsizing large samples, with a "scribe stope" to allow the operator to define the length of the scribe. FlipScribe® is a compact, stable, accurate, fast and low cost scribing and cleaving solution suitable for any lab; no utilities required.

Backside scribing with the FlipScribe

Here is what a new, industrial user had to say about the FlipScribe

Cleaving the devices out of the wafer was always a stressful time for me. Before the cleave, I would have invested a lot of my time and effort into the devices on the wafer, and not just my time and effort. So one wrong cleave, and lots of work goes down the drain. The FlipScribe® is 10 times better than my previous cleaver tool. I use 1mm thick wafers that are 100mm in diameter, and some of the devices are close to 100mm long and narrow enough that if the cleave wanders by 5mm, that might go through a device. The FlipScribe allows much better control over the cleave process, and this seems to reduce the wandering of the cleave line, and to reduce my stress. The clincher for me is there is no "silicon dust" on my devices, because the scribe line is on the back of the wafer. Magnifique!


  • Enables accurate cleaving through frontside targets with a scribe made on the backside of the substrate
  • Scribe does not damage the frontside of the sample
  • Accuracy of scribe ±200 μm (achievable)
  • Flexible with respect to sample size and shape
  • Capable of scribing bonded crystalline and amorphous wafers and chips for subsequent cleaving
  • No maintenance required


  • Accurate positioning of the scribe relative to features on the front side (the front side being observed either by eye or with a stereoscope).
  • The length of the scribe can be varied from 1 mm to 100 mm
  • Prealigned diamond scribe in user replaceable cartridge; height and angle adjustable
  • Ruler embedded in platform enables precise and repeatable sample alignment and sizing
  • The tool is purely mechanical; no power required

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